2017 Ocoee River
Rafting Calendars

Middle Ocoee River Schedule - 3.5 hours. 

Site of the 1996 Olympic kayaking competitions, our beloved Ocoee is THE premier river in Tennessee, ranked one of America's Top Ten Rivers.

The Middle section of the Ocoee River is over 5 miles of continuous Class III and IV whitewater.

It is considered to be one of the best natural stretches of whitewater in the country.

Why? Because it is family friendly, easy to access and the Ocoee River is dam-controlled so we have rafting water guaranteed every Thursday through Monday all summer long, Saturdays and Sundays only in the Spring and Fall.

Full-on excitement from the time you jump in the boat, heart pounding, and drop Grumpy's Ledge all the way to the last breath-taking plunge into Hell's Hole!

 Cap Days for 2017 are as follows:  July 15, 22, 29,  August 5, 12, 26



Upper Ocoee River Schedule - Full River 5.5 hours.